Pop up Gorjuss Card

Posted by SarahJRead, 17 Mar, 2015

Perched on the edge of their pop up seats, these two Gorjuss girls are here to wish you a special day. A really clever use of simple pop up mechanisms and a card that opens to be displayed in an unusual way make this a greeting to be remembered. This project makes the most of the gifts on the cover of Creativity Issue 57 Step by step: 1. Cut a piece of blue heart paper slightly smaller than the inside of the card blank, place inside and add strips of craft tape all the way around to hold in place. 2. Cut a piece a pale stripy paper slightly smaller than the card blank and mat on white cardstock. Fold in half and mark out four lines for the pop up elements. Each pop up is 3cm wide and starts 1.5cm from the edge. The smaller pop up measures 4cm each side from the centre and the larger measures 4cm and 6cm from the centre. 3. Cut the marked lines with a craft knife, fold the opposite way to form the pop ups and add paper to the front and tops. Layer the decoupage Gorjuss images with 3D foam pads and glue to the front of the pop ups. 4. Fold strips of craft tape around bakers twine and cut to form bunting. Glue in place along the back of the card and add twine bows and buttons to the ends. Make a smaller length of bunting and glue between the Gorjuss images. 5. Glue lengths of twine to the sides of the card as shown and add buttons on the ends. Cut a piece of blue paper to fit the base of the card.Cut a border in patterned paper, trim and add to the top of the blue paper. Wrap craft tape around the patterned border and glue in place. 6. Add a sentiment to the blue paper with alphabet stickers. Lay strips of craft tape on white cardstock and punch out flowers. Shape, glue buttons to the centres and glue around the card. 7. Lay craft tape on the back and front of a strip of cardstock, shape and punch a hole in one end. Glue the unshaped end to the back of the card, fold over to the front and mark where the hole sits. Glue a length of twine on that point and add a flower and button on top. 8. Thread the twine through the hole in the strip and tie in a bow to hold the card shut.

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