Question - 3D Gemini Embossing folders??

Posted by claire14, 04 Jul, 2019

I recently won this bundle of 8 x 3D Gemini Embossing Folders in a craft magazine. I took them all from the packets ready to use & then put with my other emboss folders, but they won't go through my machine!!! I've got the Joy Trouvaille! die-cut & emboss machine, that uses A4 plates, and followed the sandwich for emboss folders, black plate B & blue plate D, but it won't take it. I've then tried other 'sandwiches' using the black plate B with just the rubber embossing mat, that time is just slides through with no grip & no embossing!?! Even emailed Carley from Create & Craft, she suggested I tried the Black plate B with the rubber mat. Another thing I read when I was googling was to try using two blue plates D, but only one came with the machine. I know it is an old machine & it isn't a well-known one, but its been perfect so far, not even sure which machine to get if I did have to buy another, but do I need to just to be able to use the folders???. What do you think I should do or any suggestions on which plates to use together? Please hope someone can help Thank you x

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