Retro record player

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 02 Jun, 2017

What’s on your crafty playlist? We’re blasting those retro tunes with this one-of-a-kind papercraft creation, compacted into a neat little box for the ultimate opening surprise! Pop a sweet message on the inside and transform into a cool card, or keep as a trendy home décor piece.

1. Paint the base of an 8 x 8" shadow box cobalt blue, and the lid antique gold. Snip up two corners of the lid to create a flap. Cover the outsides with panels of wood-patterned paper and punch two holes along the flap edge. Repeat on the base so that the holes align, to make a hinge.

2. Cut four 2cm strips of mustard cardstock, long enough to wrap around the lid and base. Secure in place. Punch two holes into the base, opposite the hinge side. Trim a 1.5 x 12cm strip of metal-effect sheet and round the corners. Punch holes either end and attach to the base with brads.

3. Trim a 26cm square of mustard cardstock and score 3cm in from all edges. Cut into each corner and fold up the box shape, securing in place. Die cut a large circle of mustard cardstock and another from brown funky foam and mat together. Use a screw hole punch to make two foam circles and stack together. Stick in the centre of the die-cut circles. Cut two 9 x 19cm metal-effect panels and round two corners of each. Fix on top of your folded deck with brads. Place into the box. 

4. Paint a lollipop stick with Antique Gold Artiste paint. Palm punch four 1" circles from brown cardstock and glue in pairs. Punch a hole in the centre of each and stick either side of the lollipop stick; adhering the bottom pair with foam pads either side. Die cut a small metal-effect circle, punch a hole and fix to the top. Attach all the layers together with a brad, so the stylus arm can move. Trim a small rectangle of brown cardstock and snip one end diagonally. Mat metal-effect sheet on top and adhere to the lollipop stick end. Mount two 3D foam pads underneath, with the backing still intact.

5. Follow the steps below to create the record. Die cut small circles and stamp sentiments. Punch a hole in each and stick in the centre of the vinyl. Decorate the lid inside with painted wooden letters, die-cut alphas and mini records. Fix a length of double-sided tape along the lid inside flap and place onto the base, securing with two brads.

How to create the record

1. Lay dies two to seven of the extra-large circle nesting dies set on your work surface and use a few strips of craft tape to secure them into position.

2. Place the dies on black cardstock and run through your Xpress. Reassemble all the die-cuts, omitting the centre, and fix double-sided tape to the reverse.

3. Repeat Step 2 and die cut the largest circle from black cardstock. Attach the die-cut pieces either side of the solid one to create a record.

Project and how-to instructions by Jackie Jasper. Project originally published in the May issue (82) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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