Santoro's Gorjuss Decorative Cup Tutorial

Posted by BeckyJ, 08 Jul, 2015

Make a cappuccino coffee cup, dressed with the Santoro' Gorjuss papers, characters and embellishments. This tutorial was originally featured in docrafts Creativity Magazine Issue 58.

1. Cover a cup and saucer in strips of co-ordinating Santoro's Gorjuss paper. Die cut mini doilies using trim borders dies, attach to the rim and top with iridescent stones. Glue brown string around the handle. Colour an apple charm with a red permanent marker and attach to the handle.

2. Cut three panels of paper, the same width as the cup at the ‘froth’ positions, adding 1cm to each side. Increase the heights towards the back of the cup. Score and fold 1cm in from each side

3. Use a selection of cloud dies from the vintage hot air balloon die set to die cut the top of the froth panels between the score marks.

4. Trim the side tabs so they will not appear above the lip of the cup.

5. Glue the die-cut froth panels inside the cup using a hot glue gun.

6. Paint a Bellissima resin frame with metallic titanium gold acrylic paint, add a ‘Little Violet’ image and attach to the back froth panel. Attach ‘Hush Little Bunny’ to the middle layer, and layered charms and heart buttons to the front layer. Add a message on trimmed panels.

7. Cut a bamboo skewer in half and wrap each half with bakers twine. String mini bunting and polka dot buttons between the skewers and glue behind the back layer of froth.

8. Make three roses by cutting paper circles into spirals and curling. Distress the papers, add a petal posy in the centres and attach around the handle, tucking ‘The Hatter’ amongst the flowers. Attach ‘The Dreamer’ character to the front of the cup, adding a petal posy rose at her feet.

9. Wrap brown string around the top of a teaspoon handle and top with burgundy ribbon, a ‘drink me’ tag and a bow. Glue a bunny character in the bowl of the spoon.

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