Santoro's Gorjuss Triple Slider Card

Posted by ger76, 08 Aug, 2017

Combine the sunny haze of sweet summer days with a smooth slider mechanism. Craft your happy moments in card form, and gift to a loved one for an alternative greeting. What isn’t there to love about the surprise contained in a triple slider card? (See it folded up on the blog). They are amazingly easy to make with just a few instructions, and great fun to decorate!

1. Create three card blank bases (one for each layer) in the following sizes: 6 x 16cm (section 1), 33 x 13cm (section 2) and 30 x 12cm (section 3). Position horizontally and mark 12cm in from the left on section 1, 11cm in on section 2 and 10cm in on section 3. Score vertically to create the first fold, and crease sharply. To make the second fold on each section, bring the right-hand side over to meet the score line. Press down firmly and crease. Create the slider mechanism on both sections 1 and 2, following the steps below.

2. To assemble the card structure, fold the small card blank up and secure with double-sided tape. Take the middle one and push the slider to the bottom. Remove the backing from the double-sided tape and line the small card blank up to the top edge. Press into place. Fold into position and secure with double-sided tape, and repeat with the last section.

3. Cut 1" strips from two different shades of green cardstock and snip slits all the way along each one. Trim the strips to the width of the large card blank and ink the edges a little with a brown pigment ink pad. Gently curl the grass ends to add dimension. Attach double-sided tape to the reverse and stick the strips to the card front, starting at the top and alternating the shades until the front is covered.

4. Stamp the ‘Spring At Last’ artwork onto a sheet of white cardstock and colour in with the Santoro Watercolour Dual-tip Pens, shading areas to the left and adding shine to her hair. When dry, neatly cut the image out and fix in the centre of the card with silicone glue. Palm punch white flowers in the three different sizes and mount gems in the middles. Scatter around the ‘gorjuss girl’.

5. Trim two pieces of cardstock to fit the last two tiers and draw a squiggly border around each edge. Adhere with double-sided tape. Stamp a sentiment onto white cardstock and mat onto green. Trim around the edges and glue to the smallest card. Finish by decorating with stamps, stickers and palm-punched flowers, as well as your very own personal message.

How to create the slider mechanism

1. On the right-hand panel of the card, score horizontally ½" and 3" down from the top. Measure 1.5" in from both the lefthand crease and right-hand edge and score vertically, as shown.

2. Use a craft knife and a metal ruler to snip two vertical slits between where the scored lines meet. Do so carefully and ensure you don’t go outside the lines, as this is where your slider will slot.

3. Trim a 1cm strip of cardstock for each and feed through the slots. Fold over to the back so the ends overlap each other. Place a piece of double-sided tape on the other side, leaving the backing on.

Projects and how-to instructions by Geraldine Carruthers. Project originally published in issue (82) of docrafts Creativity magazine. Subscribe to Creativity magazine for 12 months. Not only will you save money on every issue but you will also receive a free subscription gift when you sign up.

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