Snazaroo face art

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 19 Oct, 2017

Go all-out and embrace the colour with some creative face art. This project is much easier than it looks and can be achieved by even the most wobbly-handed of painters! If you wished to add a base colour to the face before creating the details, the Snazaroo High Density Sponge or Stipple Sponge are great to achieve even coverage. Mix and match your shades to accomplish any look you desire, or copy our exact colour combos, as hand-picked from the Ultimate Party Face Painting Kit. Add some extra pizazz with Star Dust, Red Gold or New Multi Glitter Gel Pots! If you’ve got some little ones that want a piece of the action, use the same techniques as demonstrated below to give them their choice of makeover! Animals, superheroes, pirates... you’ve got it!

1. Use a thin paintbrush and orange paint to draw upwards flick shapes from between the eyes. Stop just above the eyebrows and add thin lines on the bridge of the nose. Repeat with red.

2. Follow the top and bottom of the eyebrow with sky blue paint, creating a wing-like shape with flicks at the end. Repeat on the remaining side.

3. To add more detail, mix the blue with white to create a lighter shade and go over the top and bottom edges. Add some flicks on the inside, painting over the eyebrows.

4. Use the black paint to create two upside- down triangles from the bottom of the eye, going towards the side of the nose. Add two flicks on the edge of the eye.

5. Create flowers at the sides of the eyes with yellow paint, adding depth afterwards with orange. Gently press down onto the brush so that the bristles lie flat.

6. Mix a dark red colour and apply above the lash line on the eyelid. Travel from the edge of the eye towards the inner corner, ending on the side of the nose.

Project and how-to instructions by Johanna Pascumal. Project originally published in issue 84 of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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