Stripes and Circles

Posted by HollyRoche, 20 Jul, 2006

Experiment with outline stickers and dome stickers. e.g. Overlaying one on top of the other to create different effects.

  1. Take a piece of yellow spotted and striped paper and make sure the stripes are placed horizontally to you. Begin to scribble over the paper in stripes of pastel green and gold pen (length of stripes approx 5cm). When dry you will notice some of the patterned paper coming through.

  2. Cut a rectangle (3.5 x 14.5cm) from this new designer paper and a rectangle (2.7 x 13.6cm) from handmade mulberry white paper. Stick the mulberry paper centrally on top of your designer paper and approx 2.5cm from the top and bottom, punch a circle. Apply 'Happy' above the top hole and 'Birthday' below the bottom hole using outline stickers.

  3. Going from the top hole to the bottom, apply a piece of green sticky ribbon and thread it through so that you can cut the ribbon from the back of the paper. Stick this to the right edge of lemon coloured card from the Craft Tonic pack.

  4. On the left side, stick a very thin (approx 3mm) strip from the same design.On the inner edge of this thin strip, apply green sticky ribbon and trim the edges.

  5. Add an outline sticker border to the inner edge of the ribbon and on the right side where the new designer paper meets the lemon card.

  6. On spare green card, apply four outline sticker flowers(N.B not too close together). On top of each of these, add a dome sticker flower and cut around the edge.

  7. Place the flowers in a row down the centre of the lemon card. Patiently cut one of the stickers in half; one half will start your row at the top edge of the card and the other half will end the row at the bottom. Glue the flowers in place.

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