Tea Cosy

Posted by katygodbeer, 24 Jun, 2014

Our kitchens are the heart of the home so inject some beautiful hand-crafted style into yours with these spot on accessories. Made with the new Capsule Collection Spots & Stripes fat quarters in sweet repeat patterns and felt bundles in pretty pastels, everyone will love them! 1 You can use an existing tea cosy as a template to cut two pieces of pink spotty fabric, two pieces of green stripy fabric and two pieces of wadding. 2 Pin and stitch each piece of wadding to the wrong sides of the pink spotty fabric to create two identical pieces. 3 Place one of the pieces wadding-side-down on to your table and place the Ric Rac so it runs along the curved edge. 4 Place the second piece of pink spotty fabric/wadding on top of the first, with right sides facing. 5 Position a piece of looped ribbon at the top of the curve, loop facing down. Pin the curved edges and stitch, ensuring that the Ric Rac and ribbon is stitched in. 6 Turn out and check all the Ric Rac has been stitched. 7 Take the two pieces of stripy fabric and place them right sides facing. Pin and stitch along the curved edge. Turn out. 8 Turn the wadded piece inside-out again and place inside the stripy piece and align. Pin all the way around the bottom of the cosy, pinning the inner and outer pieces together. It will now look like an inside-out cosy. 9 Stitch along the bottom of the cosy, leaving a 3" gap. Turn out. 10 Fold in and pin the edges of the gap left. Topstitch along the bottom of the cosy, ensuring you stitch over the gap to close it neatly. 11 Create layered felt flowers as before and attach to the cosy with a button.

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