Textured Heart Frame Card Tutorial

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 18 May, 2016

Textured heart aperture cards couldn’t be easier to make, thanks to Xcut's fancy new Cut and Emboss folders. Just pop one of your favourite photos into the die-cut heart frame.

1. Choose two different, but complementary, colours of card from the Papermania Premium Cardstock pack. Run each piece through the machine one at a time, removing the die-cut elements. Create a sandwich with the base plate, folder, metal shim and a cutting plate, making sure to set the machine dial to seven. Pass everything through the machine, ensuring that the hearts have been cut fully.

2. Decide which colour card you would like to have sitting on top and which piece behind. Slightly offset the behind panel so that you can see it through the apertures, using double-sided tape to adhere to the back of the front panel.

3. Using a Stick It! glue pen, run a line of glue in a border around the embossed central heart. Leave for 30 seconds or so to set slightly then sprinkle over a layer of silver glitter. Once the glue has dried, shake the excess glitter off the card.

4. Cut squares of glitter cardstock to cover some of the die-cut hearts, using masking tape to secure in place. Depending on who your card is for, choose and print a photo to sit inside the aperture. Position and adhere your image of choice in the large heart.

5. Cover the Folk Floral ‘with love’ stamp in black ink and centrally print on to a strip of parchment vellum. Cover with black embossing powder while the ink is still wet. Wait for a few seconds before tapping off any excess powder.

6. Use a heat gun to warm the powder-covered greeting until it becomes glossy. Leave to cool down for a minute or so before wrapping the vellum strip around the card. Secure in place on the back of the die-cut and embossed cardstock.

7. Adhere all the elements to an A6 card blank with double-sided tape.

Project and tutorial by Aisha Green. First published in Issue 68 of Creativity.

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