Tin can planters

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 25 Apr, 2017

The ideal container for miniature flora and fauna, these tin can planters should be right at the top of your to-make list. All you need is some squeaky-clean food tins and your favorite papers from Capsule Elements Wood!

Diamond vellum sleeve 

1. Use the smallest square nesting die from the set and four different wood-effect papers to cut ten shapes from each. Trim a piece of white cardstock to size, so that it's slightly taller than the can and wraps around with at least a 3cm overlap. Repeat the process with a sheet of vellum. 

2. Cover the front of the white cardstock with a Stick it! Glue Stick and start applying the cut squares to form a repeated diamond pattern over the entire sheet. Once complete, leave to dry under a heavy stack of books. Use a craft knife and metal ruler to cut away any excess cardstock. 

3. Trim more squares, this time from copper metal effect sheets, and sporadically position them on the wrap, using double-sided tape to ensure everything’s secure. Wrap the decorated card around the can, using a hot melt glue gun to fix it in place. Add the vellum sheet on top, using a sparing amount of hot glue to fix the sleeve on just the back of the planter.

'Love' planter

1. Cut strips from a plank-effect sheet; each plank forms one strip. Trim a piece of white cardstock so that it’s taller than the can and wraps around with at least 3cm of overlap. Cover the cardstock with a glue stick and start to layer up the strips, starting at the bottom and working your way up. Place under a book to dry.

2. Cover a wooden ‘Love’ sentiment with clear embossing ink and heat emboss copper. Leave to one side to cool. Wrap the decorated sleeve around the can, securing in place with a hot melt glue gun, and add the embossed embellishment centre front.

Plain planters

1. To create the remaining three planters, follow the same process as the previous two containers to create the base sleeve, then cover with your favourite patterned paper. Experiment with different textures of paper and cardstock to add interest and dimension – Xcut Xtras sheets, vellum and jute all work well. Use die-cuts from the ultimate pack to embellish and decorate the tins further; the Bare Basics collection complements the Capsule Elements Wood range perfectly!

Project and how-to instructions by Aisha Green. Project originally published in the March issue (80) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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