Tiny tags for your scrapbook

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 10 Mar, 2017

Craft some super-cute mini tags, a great addition to any scrapbook layout or notelet. Xcut has a great selection of mini dies that work perfectly combined with tags and twine. Below you'll find useful tips and techniques for quick and easy tag ideas.

1. Make feathers by folding a length of glitter craft tape over string. Shape and snip into the edges.

2. Wrap craft tape around a cocktail stick to make cute little flags.

3. Create little tags with weather icons cut from coloured cardstock and glitter craft tape.

4. Double layer die-cut tags with an accent colour or metal tag revealed behind. Use foam pads to fix position.

5. Attach metal charms to baker’s twine and tie on to the tags for extra detail.

6. Layer die-cut hearts of differing sizes and mediums with glue dots and foam pads to create dimension.

7. Save die-cut punch outs and make co-ordinating embellishments such as the butterfly tag and tab set.

8. Cut an image from different coloured cardstock, trim sections and layer up, such as on the toadstool tag.

Project and how-to instructions by Jo Boland. Project originally published in the November 2017 issue (76) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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