Top Hat Pin Cushion - Papermania Sew Lovely

Posted by BeckyJ, 10 Feb, 2014

Make a stunning pin cushion as seen on docrafts TV using Papermania Sew Lovely and some of your favourite embellishments.

  1. Ruffle Sew Lovely tape measure ribbon around the base of the hat top to cover the glued tabs from step 6. Also add a row of Sew Lovely buttons in a variety of colours, attaching them at the base but on the sides of the hat top in a band.

  2. Use the Xcut circle cutter to create a 10cm diameter neutral coloured card circle.

  3. Place the circle onto a square of Sew Lovely Floral Adhesive paper that is just slightly larger than the circle itself. Trim off the excess fabric paper leaving a border approx 1cm from the edge of the circle. Cut slits in the border fabric paper to the edge of the card and fold over to adhere to the back of the circle.

  4. Place the circle onto a piece of Sew Lovely tape measure adhesive fabric paper with the floral side facing away from the adhesive layer and ensure the circle is firmly stuck down. Trim right up to the edge of the circle.

  5. Blend red Papermania dye ink around the edge of the floral patterned side before rubbing Artiste Gold pigment ink around the edge and embossing with Papermania gold embossing powders. Thick application will help to seal the edges of the fabric paper.

  6. Using the circle cutter trim a 20cm diameter circle from neutral card and die cut the middle sized circle out of the centre, giving a donut shape. Cut this in half and cover with Sew Lovely blue patterned paper.

  7. Curl the half donut round to create an open conical shape – it does not need to be perfectly symmetrical as it will give a more quirky feel if it is lopsided. Following the video as a guide, cut slits in the narrow end of the cone and push outwards. Apply glue to the tabs and use these to attach the hat top to the circular base created in steps 1-4.

  8. Cut a piece of felt larger than the opening at the top of the hat and glue around the edge so that there is enough felt to allow the pin cushion to balloon above the hat top. Leave a small gap and stuff the top hat until the cushion is nicely packed. Trim off any excess felt before gluing the final bit inside the hat top.

  9. Cut a tape measure patterned Sew Lovely big bloomer in half and attach overlapping the seam on the hat top, just above the button band.

  10. Overlap the big bloomers with a red Sew Lovely pinwheel, decorated with Chronology gears and clock hands as shown in the video.

  11. Using the Xcut haberdashery die set cut a metallic pair of vintage scissors and a needle. Gather together other embellishments such as Vintage Notes decorative pin embellishments, Chronology clock faces, hands and brads and Sew Lovely ribbon bows and charms. Wind Bare Basics Bobbins with baker’s twine and attach messages.

  12. To finish use the close up photographs as a guide to cluster all these elements together around the pinwheel.

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