Totem Pole Skittles

Posted by SheilaHalliwell, 26 Jun, 2014

It can sometimes be difficult to get children outside to play but here we have the answer! First, get the kids to make these fabulous, feathered Native American headdresses and fun totem pole skittles game. Once created, get them out in the garden to play their home-made game! 1 Cover a selection of stackable recycled plastic pots and tubs in different coloured pieces of felt. Glue a chenille stem around the top of each pot to form a lip on which to stack each pot or tub. 2 Cut various sizes of squares and triangles from coloured funky foam to decorate each section. Glue coloured matchsticks vertically around one section and add a face to the very top piece. Add large pompoms to the top to form hair. 3 Cut a piece of orange cardstock three times the width of the central tub and layer coloured lollipop sticks in a row to form wings. Glue to the back of the central tub. 4 Paint 6cm polystyrene balls with acrylic paint. Leave to dry then add a second coat. Once dry, the game is ready to play. How many tubs can you knock off?

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