Winter Garden Layout

Posted by emilygrant94, 30 Mar, 2015

Taking colour inspiration from beautiful garden ornaments, this vivid scrapbook page celebrates the bright warmth of the garden, even in Winter. Steps: 1. Pick out 6 colours from your photographs. Cut out a 7x10cm rectangle from paper in each colour . 2. Arrange the 6 rectangles on a sheet of 12 x 12" black paper slightly off-centre. Stick down. 3. Go around the edge of the 6 rectangles with dashes of white chalk. 4. In the same coloured papers used from the rectangles, cut 5 2.5x7cm rectangles and cut a notch from each to make banners. Stick them from the top left corner of the page. 5. Cut a length of Kraft bunting and ink the edges of each triangle with alternating colours that match those already used on the page. Adhere to the page, but only stick down some of the bunting so it appears to be hanging. 6. Cut 6 lengths of jute trim. These will be in 3 pairs and each pair's length must be just over 24 inches. 7. Place each length onto scrap paper. Press an ink pad onto it and drag the length of the trim through to colour it. Choose 3 coloured inks, 2 lengths of trim per colour. 8. Choose three buttons. Double up each pair of trims and thread through the button holes. 9. Stick the borders down the right hand side. 10. Add a title at the top right using cork alphabet stickers. 11. Add two Chalk Craft arrows, one pointing at the title and one pointing towards the photographs.

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